Features of the Blue Bell Room

For questions and room availability: abi@alecbay.com

Bay view seen from the Bluebell Room Attached Conservatory.

The Bluebell Room offers our Guest a private bath, queen size bed, an attached private sunroom, an unbelievable view of the Aleck Bay, Straits of Juan de Fuca, sun rises, and sunsets.

This lucky room can boast of 14 proposals last year alone; and too many birthdays, anniversaries, and honeymooners to mention.

The Fireplace of the Room.

Also, from the sun room in this room in June of last year, one of our Guests took telephoto pictures of sunsets, a variety of birds, whales, seals, and sea otters. Some of the most beautiful sky colors can be observed from the sun room of this room. And, yes, orca whales have also been seen passing Aleck Island at the mouth of the Bay from this room as well as eagles mating, the great blue herons, and more.

One of the most enjoyable features of this room is the fireplace. On a cool evening it warms you and casts a wonderful glow in the room. Call us from Anacortes prior to departing and we will have the fire blazing in your fireplace.

For questions and room availability: abi@alecbay.com